as Innovations to secure Cyberspace

Facing the challenges of the next millennium

The continual improvement in productivity in silicon integrated circuits over the past four decades, and the related lower cost of computing and communications bandwidth, has led the world to the “Connectivity Era”. Lamentably, this grand technological leap has been achieved with minimal and ineffectual regard for privacy and the security of data stored or in motion through these digital systems. Today, despite the claims of ironclad security made by the makers of cyber protection solutions, their efforts have produced little more than transitory impediments to cyber attacks, as the headlines inform us daily.

Similarly, these advances were all achieved with absolutely no regards to the financial and environmental consequences arising from gargantuan energy consumption of these digital systems. Today this digital economy consumes roughly 10% of the world's electricity. Moreover, as we move deeper into the Connectivity Era, computing will evolve into a very different phenomenon than seen before. Processing elements will effectively be invisible as long as the ability to access any amount of computing power and resources, where and when needed, is assured. This requires a degree of computing elasticity, which is inconceivable through today’s virtualization techniques.

Since the 21st century economy hinges on continued computational progress, addressing these challenges have become a dominant force affecting every corner of cyberspace.
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"Despite all concerted efforts to the contrary, today there are nearly four billion existing and indisputably vulnerable computers, in addition to over one billion smart devices shipped every year to quench the seemingly insatiable thirst for mobile devices, all with ineffectual protection against cyber-attacks.

Combine this with the attributes of connectivity era especially the explosive trend toward dependency on the cloud, and one begins to grasp the enormity of cybersecurity challenge."

Behrooz Farhoomand
Video: Courtesy of Corning, Global Foundries and Facebook.