as Innovations to secure Cyberspace  

Fundamentally Disruptive Technologies

Avanet Systems is a multifaceted research-oriented Intellectual Property developer, devoted to advancement of science and technology. Since its inception in 2000, Avanet has been pushing the boundaries of science and technology attaining momentous breakthroughs toward solving some of the most technically challenging issues facing the high-tech industry today in areas of Elastic Computing, Cybersecurity, Graph theory, Search theory, Multidimensional systolic computing, Self-configurable circuits and High-performance low-power computing.

As significant as each of these breakthroughs may be individually from a scientific standpoint, the true value of Avanet’s intellectual properties must be measured as a composite, for it is the combined strength of these technological breakthroughs that will usher in an age of next generation Information and Communication Technology.

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"Today there are nearly four billion existing and indisputably vulnerable computers, in addition to over one billion smart devices shipped every year to quench the seemingly insatiable thirst for mobile devices, all with ineffectual protection against cyber-attacks.

Combine this with the attributes of connectivity era especially the explosive trend toward dependency on the cloud, and one begins to grasp the enormity of cybersecurity challenge."
Behrooz Farhoomand

Video: Courtesy of Corning, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Facebook.